Studex® PLUS Ear Piercing System


Studex PLUS is a proven, classic pressure spring ear piercing system. It complies with the hygiene standards of various countries, such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The Studex PLUS system comes with a disposable earring clasp adapter and a disposable stud adapter. The earring clasp adapter also serves as hygienic protection for the ear, preventing it from ever touching the instrument.

studex plus instrument

Studex® PLUS Instrument

This proven instrument combines ease of use and superior quality for trouble-free ear piercing.
stx plus instrument mini adapter

Disposable Hygienic Shield

The white earring clasp adapter prevents your customer's ear from ever touching the instrument.



color coded

Color-Coded Stud Adapters and Piercing Studs

The color of the stud adapter indicates the stud size it fits. No more guessing and hoping you have the proper adapter installed.
stx PLS cartridge blister

Sterile Piercing Studs

Each pair of piercing studs is sealed and sterilized in individual packages and meets or exceeds EU standards and FDA regulations (U.S. Food & Drug Administration).

dozen 3d mini



Dozen Packs

The piercing earrings and disposable adapters for the Studex PLUS ear piercing system are packaged in dozens.

Studex® Universal
Ear Piercing System


Studex Universal is a pressure spring system that is widely used around the world. It is not distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland however, since it does not comply with the local hygiene standards.


universal instrument 600



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