Professional Ear Piercing with Studex® System75™ in 12 Steps

    Both sides of the earlobe are cleansed with an alcohol prep pad. Allow 30 seconds for the alcohol to dry.
    A marking pen is used to mark the precise spot where the ear will be pierced.
    Ask your customer to look in the mirror to confirm that the proper spot has been marked.
    The marking will then be carefully wiped off, leaving just a hint of a dot.
    The seal of the blister pack is then peeled off without removing the cartridge
    containing the piercing earring and clasp, thus ensuring sterility.
    The cartridge is now loaded onto the instrument without touching it.
    Once the cartridge is properly attached, the blister pack is lifted off.
    Neither piercing earring nor clasp were touched at any stage.
    The point of the piercing earring is lined up precisely with the mark on the ear.
    The instrument’s handle is then squeezed and the ear is gently pierced with the piercing earring.
    The clasp is positioned at the same time, assuring the proper distance between earlobe and clasp.
    At this point, the instrument is released and removed with a gentle downward motion.
    The blister pack is then placed over the empty cartridge for easy removal.
    The cartridge is now removed and disposed of.
    This completes the entirely sterile piercing process.
    Finally inform your customer about the proper after piercing care.
    Starting 24 hours after the ear was pierced, your customer should apply an
    aftercare product regularly, twice a day, to the front and back of the ear piercing.





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