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Our Studex® partners are of utmost importance to us. To serve you and your customers, we provide first-class marketing, sales and logistics services. We offer a wide variety of point-of-sales materials, such as ear piercing stations, counter-top and window displays, posters in various sizes, window decorations, brochures, gift certificates, gift boxes for kids, giveaways or seasonal offers. Ordering through our online store or via fax is simple, easy, and fast. In order for you to provide quality service to your customers, Studex also furnishes all necessary documentation, ranging from release forms to after piercing care instructions.

Our various websites for consumers, such as, provide comprehensive information about ear piercing and earrings. They attract thousands of unique visitors each month interested specifically in ear piercing with Studex. We channel all incoming leads and refer them directly to our local partners. Together with our social media activities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), we create a strong demand for our ear piercing products and services among consumers. We even publish customer testimonials on our websites, which often include the Studex partner's business name.

Last, but not least, we offer a 30-year guarantee for our earrings and ear piercing systems, even for worn items. We believe in our products, and we're confident you will, too.


Contact us if you have any inquires or questions, and we will be happy to help.


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