Studex® System75™

Studex System75 is a modern, easy-to-use, and virtually silent ear piercing system with sterile single-use cartridges. With this system, ear piercing is barely noticeable. Never before has ear piercing been so simple, safe, and hygienic.

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teaser5 care


Taking good care of the ears after piercing is almost as important for the beauty and health of your customers' ears as the use of state-of-the-art precision instruments and top-quality piercing studs. These tips will help your customers to optimally support the healing process.

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Sensitive by Studex® Collection

This collection of regular (non-piercing) earrings offers hundreds of gorgeous designs — from sparkling red-carpet styles to timeless, classy pieces. Hypoallergenic and skin friendly, thus ideally suited for even the most sensitive skin.

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